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WoW: Catch-Up gear in patch 9.2 - 233 and 262 items about mark of the craftsman

Those who will return to WoW after a long break with patch 9.2 will get a quick introduction to the Shadowlands update thanks to the Catch-Up equipment. Similar to patch 9.1, items can be equipped with Mal of the Craftsman, which automatically increases the item level of the item. With Mal of the Craftsman Rank 4, an item can even be upgraded to item level 262.

In addition to the armor upgrade, there are also new Optional Reagents that add interesting new abilities to your equipment.

Table of Contents

  1. 1Catch-Up Gearfor 9.2 - 233 Items
  2. 2Crafts262 itemswith theCraftsman's Mark
  3. 3NewOptional Reagents

Catch-Up-Gear for 9.2 - 233 Items

Normal Crafting Marks can be used to bring Shadowlands gear from crafting professions to level 233. This requires fewer materials than in patch 9.1, but new resources from Zereth Mortis: First Flower (Alchemy), Progenium Ore (Blacksmithing, Engineering, Jewelcrafting), Protogenic Pelt (Leatherworking), and Silken Protofiber (Tailor).

Crafts 262 items with the Craftsman's Mark

Crafting professions can once again craft a new Mark of the Craftsman that can be used once in the created equipment.

  • Alchemy: Crafter's Mark of the First Ones
  • Blacksmithing: Crafter's Mark of the First Ones
  • Engineering: Crafter's Mark of the First Ones
  • Jewelcrafting: Crafter's Mark of the First Ones
  • Leatherworking: Crafter's Mark of the First Ones
  • Tailoring: Crafter's Mark of the First Ones
WoW Patch 9.2: Developer video on the end of eternity

New Optional Re


The new Optional Reagents in WoW (buy now ) Patch 9.2 are called Progenitor Enhancements (German name och nicht bekannt). These can be crafted using the Alchemy, Enchanting, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting professions. As usual, these items can be added to Shadowlands items crafted via professions.


  • Infusion: Corpse Purification - Chance to acquire additional resources from corpses.
  • Sustaining Armor Polish - Increases the duration of flasks, elixirs, and food buffs.

Enchantment Art

  • Cosmic Protoweave - Increases Avoidance and sometimes heals when taking damage.
  • Magically Regulated Automa Core - Chance to spawn an Automa Core which explodes for damage and healing.


  • Erratic Genesis Matrix - Being struck by an enemy builds electrical sparks. At 5 stacks, the circuitry shorts and lashes out.
  • Pure-Air Sail Extensions - Increases movement speed and mount speed while in the Shadowlands.

Jewel Loops

  • Devourer Essence Stone - Slaying enemies increases your highest secondary stat for a brief moment, stacking up to 10 times.
  • Ephemera Harmonizing Stone - Chance to harmonize Ephemera, granting primary stat when acquired.

Are you looking forward to simple catch-up gear for your Twink army, or are you not interested in Shadowlands patch 9.2 at this time? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.

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