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WoW: Pre-Patch for TBC Classic - List of known issues from May 18th

Sometime today, May 19, the WoW: Burning Crusade Classic pre-patch is scheduled to land on the progressive Classic servers. Included: Blood Elves, Draenei, Jeweler's Art, new talents, and much more. Patch 2.5.1 will not only have new features and improvements in the luggage, but probably also some construction sites and bugs. As a precaution, Blizzard has posted a list of known issues in the official WoW forum that we might run into in the course of the pre-patch.

Here are some problem highlights:

  • When mages perform blinks facing a wall, they may freeze in place.
  • Energy ticks can sometimes restore more, sometimes less than 20 Energy.
  • Drowning damage does not match the original TBC values.
  • Druid and Rogue stealth animations do not match original TBC levels for some races.
  • Including the /stopcasting command in a macro may cause animation errors and lag.
  • Some weapon enchantments shine too brightly when first cast on a weapon.
  • When opening the map in Azeroth dungeons, you will be shown the world map instead of the zone map.
  • In the interface of Warlocks and Priests, removable magic effects are not shown as removable.
  • You cannot currently search for recipes in the Professions interface.
  • In the professions interface, you cannot yet filter for recipes for which you have the materials.
  • There is no option to display free inventory space yet.

And here's the full list of known issues as of May 18:


  • Microsoft Security Essentials may detect WoW (buy now €14.99 ) Classic.exe as a trojan.

Graphics and Visual Effects:

  • SSAO (Ambient Occlusion) is not currently changing the appearance of shadows in the game.
  • There are flickering textures present in some areas of the Horde base in Warsong Gulch
  • Some Reflective surfaces may appear too bright and shiny.
  • Arathi Basin flags that are under attack or have been captured are too bright.

Combat, Spells, and Abilities:

  • Casting the Mage spell Blink while facing a nearby wall may occasionally cause the spell to Fizzle and result in your character remaining in place.
  • Energy Regen ticks can sometimes provide slightly more or slightly less than 20 energy.
  • Damage taken while drowning is currently slightly different from the original Burning Crusade.
  • Stealth animations for Druid and Rogue differ slightly on some races compared to the original Burning Crusade.
  • Warriors that are slowed while changing stances may occasionally play a very slow "running" animation rather than the appropriate walking animation.
  • Including /stopcasting in a spell macro can cause animation hitching or delays in some situations.


  • The Aurora Cowl uncommon-quality item is missing its model.
  • Some weapon enchants may be too bright or intense when first applied.

User Interface:

  • The reset button for auction house filters is currently not present.
  • The GetManaRegen() command does not always display the correct values in the chat log.
  • Opening the Map inside dungeons in Azeroth areas displays the Azeroth world map instead of the zone map.
  • The Flight Masters between Silvermoon and Tranquillien have incorrect dialogue for Blood Elf characters.
  • Low-level quests are missing the dimmed font and "low level" text that is normally appended to the dialogue option when accepting the quest.
  • When the scoreboard is open in Battlegrounds the zone map cannot be opened.
  • Dispellable Magic debuffs are not highlighted as dispellable in the UI for Warlocks and Priests.
  • The "To" field auto-complete may attempt to auto-fill character names of characters on your account on other realms.
  • The recipe search bar is currently missing from the profession UI.
  • The "Have Materials" checkbox is currently missing from the professions UI.
  • There is no option under display options to Show Free Bag Space.


  • Attempting to cast Hurricane may sometimes cause the cast sound to persist and loop for several seconds.