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WoW: Rextroy pits 40 warriors against 40 warlocks - who wins?

Rextroy is back and expanding his 40 vs 40 series. Having already marveled at 40 hunters vs 40 druids as well as 40 healers vs 40 tanks and more crazy videos in BfA, we now have 40 warriors and 40 warlocks facing off. Who will win this epic duel? The absolute melee machines or the DoT slingers? Check out the video below to see the results.

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These battles are usually fought in Alterac Valley. On both sides, two full raids gather and sign up for a skirmish match in Alterac Valley. In the middle of the battlefield, both groups meet to let the sparks fly after a short preparation time. Unfortunately, WoW's servers aren't designed for more than 15-vs-15 battles before lag begins violently.

As it turns out, Warriors have a little more trouble with the lag that comes with these battles. In the best of 5, the Warlocks won 4-1, and the lag meant that the Hellbeasts' stun effect was almost permanently active because the stun was refreshed after it ended.

The fiery aura of the Warlock companions also provided decent passive damage in the throng of Warriors. Only with a slightly wider formation were the Warriors able to dust off some kills. This is how it looked on the score board in the end:

Round 1: Warlock 40 kills, Warrior 3 kills.
Round 2: Warlock 39 kills, Warrior 16 kills.
Round 3: Warlock 39 kills, Warrior 28 kills.
Round 4: Warlock 40 kills, Warrior 10 kills.
Round 5: Warlock 40 kills, Warrior 8 kills.

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