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WoW: Echo in Raider.io interview about the RWF, streaming and global release

After the US guild Limit won the previous two raids in WoW, Echo struck back in the Sanctum of Domination and claimed victory in a thrilling head-to-head race. Just hours before the ID reset, the top European guild was able to win the race. Not a second too soon. Because after the reset, Limit marched through the raid, collected more gear, and simply knocked Sylvanas out in the first attempt of the day. In an in-depth interview with raider.io, Noggie, Fleks, Rogerbrown, and raid leader Scripe talked about why it would have caused community anger, why the first bosses were so perfect, and why the Suffering Forge is remembered as one of the best bosses of all time.

We have summarized the most important statements of the four top players of Echo for you. If you want to read the full interview, you can do so here


Echo's interview with raider.io

  • Sanctum of Domination was definitely the best World First race ever.
  • Echo's players put in such an incredible amount of time, and the subsequent World First kill just felt great - partly because it was so close and Limit had won the previous races.
  • Echo never put in as much effort as it did before Sanctum of Domination.
  • Shards of Eternity had a big impact, favoring "mirror classes" in particular - players who played a class multiple times.
  • A big unknown was what the shard system would look like on live servers. That's because it wasn't clear until the Heroic ID launch.
  • This also caused the biggest disappointments, as some players were unable to get a set full on any char and accordingly found themselves on the bench.
  • Preparations have already begun just a few weeks after Castle Nathria, and the burden has been spread across more shoulders this time. Instead of a few people in charge, a lot was delegated to all raiders and members of the guild - for example, the various split runs where individual raiders acted as raid leaders.

WoW: Echo in the Raider.io interview about the RWF, streaming and global release (3) Source: Blizzard

  • During the World First race, players barely have time to pay attention to the Twitch chat. However, you still get to see how many fans are watching and enjoying the World First Race.
  • There were also strict rules for dealing with the chat, so that it does not distract any player during the progress.
  • However, this did not change anything about one's motivation. Even before streaming, players were motivated to the hilt.
  • But the fact that you can now follow exactly how far which competitors are has a great influence on the race. Since the top guilds are all very good, there will be no more landslide victories. Because even if someone is on the wrong track, all guilds can very quickly adapt the tactics of the competition and catch up again.
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  • In terms of different strategies, the biggest advantage on Echo's part was probably their good preparation for Kel'Thuzad. Also, the Night Fae Owls seemed to be the better choice over their Venthyr counterparts. Having a third warrior instead of a Shadow Priest (like Limit had) was also an advantage.
  • However, it's always hard to judge from the outside, because the guys at Echo don't know in detail what Limit's plans were with the classes.
  • While they probably underestimated the Demon Hunter's strength a bit in their planning, they realized early on how valuable a buff Shaman would be in the raid.
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  • During the late split runs, there was a constant feeling that Limit would really step it up now. Fortunately, Limit had other issues to deal with during this time, which calmed players down.
  • The real pressure came when they went to bed on Mondays. When Rogerbrown woke up in the middle of the night and saw Limit bobbing at 45.6 percent, sleep was out of the question.
  • The best moment for many was when their strategy for Kel'Thuzad worked out perfectly. Also, the moment when they were able to use brute DpS to leapfrog a dangerous spot in the fight against the Suffering Forge felt very satisfying.
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  • Players are very happy with the bosses in Sanctum of Domination.
  • WoW: Echo in Raider.io interview about the RWF, streaming and global release (2) Source: Blizzard The Suffering Forge was, for many, one of the best bosses of all time.
  • However, his position in the raid was bad, as he was significantly harder than the following bosses.
  • The first five bosses, on the other hand, were perfectly tuned and got successively harder - just as you'd expect.
  • The Doom Scribe was particularly disappointing. The special, new mechanic with the rings was far too easy and the rest of the combat was rather boring.
  • The Guardian of the First was also not very popular. It was simply too easy and too weakly tuned.
  • The worst part of the raid, in the eyes of some, wasn't a boss or a mechanic, but the Shards of Domination feature, whose random factor had a lot of impact on them.
  • They were downright shocked when Sylvanas didn't die at 50%. However, it did give them the opportunity to completely max out the min-maxing, which ultimately felt good.
  • With better balancing from the Guardian, Fate Scribe, and Kel'Thuzad, this would have undoubtedly been the best raid ever for raid leader Scripe. As it is, it's "just" one of several very good raids.
  • The others see it a bit more critically, but still find the Sanctum of Domination good and remember it positively.

Not only the top guilds despaired of the loot pitch of the shards. Source: buffed

  • Echo players agree that a globally simultaneous release would be the best for new raids. For example, one could set up a European server where the US times for lockouts apply. That way it wouldn't affect anyone who didn't want it to.
  • Blizzard should finally recognize the World First Race as the third major event alongside the MDI and AWC and make sure there is a level playing field.
  • If Limit had knocked out the boss first guild after the reset, there would have inevitably been anger in the community because of the unfair starting conditions.
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  • At the end of the interview, he gave a few tips for all active raiders who are still fighting their way through the mythic content.
  • You should not care about any supposed best class combos and just throw your best players into the fight. Unless there is a very important requirement (such as a wizard portal), this is always the best way to go.
  • In addition, you should always invest a little time to question your own strategy and explain it. You can only be successful if everyone is pulling in the same direction.
  • As a final tip, you should rather use Teamspeak instead of Discord when raiding. The former would be much better and the nerdscreams wouldn't sound like a bunch of robots.
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