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WoW 9.1: How to get to Tazavesh and stop So'leah

Before you can set off into the mega dungeon Tazavesh with the release of WoW Patch 9.1, you first have to complete a small series of quests to prove yourself worthy. After all, Tazavesh and its eight bosses are only accessible on Mythic difficulty for now, and the WoW makers probably want to prevent uninitiated heroes from stumbling into a potentially deadly adventure for them.

Al'dalil's friend you want to be

Before heading to the Shrouded Marketplace of the Midwayers, you must first pay a visit to Ta'rela, the innkeeper. You can find Ta'rela in the Idyllia, the Inn of Oribos, at coordinates 67/51. From there, the quest "Al'ter Rogue of Oribos" will send you to meet the old rogue Al'dalil, who will show you the way to and through Tazavesh.

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Eight bosses for the win

In an official post about Tazavesh, the developers of World of Warcraft (buy now €14.99)

also introduce you to the eight bosses and their role in the lore of the midwayers. Your goal is to stop the power-hungry midwayer So'leah, who is trying to obtain the secrets of the Progenitors.

"The nefarious cartel leader So'leah is plotting a cross-kingdom raid to seize the secrets of the Progenitors. Her only adversaries are disgraced midwayer Al'dalil and his ragtag posse, who must battle their way through the mysterious Shrouded Market to stop So'leah before she can seize this forbidden power.

Zo'phex the Guardian

To gain entry to the wonders hidden behind the golden gates of Tazavesh, you must get past guardian Zo'phex. Zo'phex is the chief guardian of security, and he is unrelentingly strict in ensuring that any contraband is burned immediately ... along with their owners, of course.

The Menagerie

The Xy Cartel "acquires" rare and valuable items to sell. Exotic beasts, forbidden technology, and even cursed artifacts - there is nothing they will shy away from. The Cartel is willing to procure anything your heart desires... as long as you can pay the price. The mailroom fiasco in Tazavesh Source: Blizzard

Mailroom Fiasco

Something has gone wrong at the P.O.S.T. (Primary Material Transport) office. Dimensional portals are distributing shipments uncontrollably in all directions, and the office's automated control system is malfunctioning. If the chaos isn't brought under control soon, the city may soon go postal ... except instead of packages, it's sparks flying.

Au'myza's Oasis

The drinks are ethereal, the atmosphere is intoxicating ... but should the artists fail to satisfy their audience, they will not leave this place as they entered. This is the only neutral place in all of Tazavesh where middlemen from all cartels gather to do business in the shadows.


Among the middlemen who live by the Law of the Blade, none can match So'azmi's skill. As a deadly assassin of the So Cartel, So'azmi constantly strives to perfect his technique. He takes great pleasure in demonstrating the art of swordplay to his opponents before dealing them a mortal blow.


Hylbrand, Sword of the Guardians, remained as the protector of an ancient Titan artifact, awakened by its recent theft. Those hoping to escape Hylbrand must neutralize its myriad security protocols. Those who fail to do so face a final move to the grave. Time Captain Hook Dick In Tazavesh Source: Blizzard

Time Captain Hook's Tail

Months of planning fell apart when So'leah appeared in the middle of Time Captain Hooktail's raid and stole her loot. The rage-filled pirate queen reveals her true form and now tramples everyone in her path. So'leah, boss of Tazavesh Source: Blizzard


So'leah's hunger for power reaches its peak in this final battle. As the cartel leader unleashes a power she does not fully comprehend, she is transformed into a creature of unbridled savagery. As more and more unchecked power pours from the artifact, So'leah must be stopped before her actions destroy the very foundation of Tazavesh. "

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