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WoW Classic: The launch of Burning Crusade - Pictures from January 2007

World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade (abbreviated TBC or BC) is the first expansion for World of Warcraft. It debuted on October 28, 2005, and was released in Europe on the night of January 16-17, 2007. Key features include an increase in the level cap to 70, the introduction of the Blood Elves and Draenei as playable races, and Outland including many new zones, dungeons, items, quests, and monsters. The expansion came in two versions, a Standard Edition and Collector's Edition.

The quests in The Burning Crusade are a direct continuation of the original World of Warcraft in terms of timeline. Set in Outland, the former world of Draenor, players can essentially explore the new expansion on their own again via the quests. The main storyline revolves around Illidan, the traitor, and what has happened to him over the past few years since WoW Classic. Players can also complete quests in the process, either assisting Illidan or making preparations for his downfall. In addition, there are many lines of connection between the former world of Draenor and the current Outland, such as the opening of the Dark Portal by Medivh, which can be relived in the Caverns of Time, and various quest lines that provide insight into the ancient Orcish shamans' relationship with the Burning Legion long before the First War.

In the following annotated image gallery from the Burning Crusade launch, you can see some of the memorable moments such as the crowds of players outside the Dark Portal, the horror of Hellfire Peninsula, the first Blood Elf and Draenei quests, the first level 70 player in Europe, and more. Below you'll also find a video from the launch event in Berlin including an interview with Lead Dungeon Artist Brian Morrisroe as well as the very first BuffedShow that launched with the Burning Crusade beta. Enjoy!

View all 44 images in the gallery WoW Classic Burning Crusade: Hours before launch, Alliance and Horde players gather in front of the Dark Portal in the Desolate Lands (1) [Source: Buffed].

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