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WoW: Hotfixes from August 7th buff Timewalking XP again

There are new hotfixes on the WoW servers (and a note to those of you playing Solstice on the Burning Crusade Classic servers, by the way) and one in particular stands out: the experience points you get credited for completing a Timewalking dungeon has been increased by 50 percent.

XP in Timewalking

This brings to an end a bit of an odyssey that began at the event reset around August 4, 2021. Currently, the Timewalking event Timewalking Dungeons: The Burning Crusade is active in WoW. And this one had it all. Players who wanted to level via timewalking reported a true XP boon that had their twinks leveling up around five levels in no time. At the end of a BC dungeon, it hailed XP, and much more than it was announced via the dungeon browser. The WoW makers hotfixed the problem fairly quickly. And hotfixed it again now, on August 7, 2021. The reasoning sounds like this:

"In patch 9.1, a bug was introduced that caused timewalking to deliver much more completion experience than the UI announced, more so the lower the base expansion level, which is why this was not noticed when timewalking in Warlords of Draenor a few weeks ago. The intent is that all timewalking weeks provide a comparable experience - we made a quick fix last night and provided the correct fix today. We've also taken the opportunity to recalibrate and increase the timewalking XP." Nice! Now that means 50 percent more XP! All the other hotfix details from August 7, 2021 are below after the video:

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WoW Patch 9.1 - Hotfixes from August 7, 2021

ClassDemon Hunter

  • Fixed an issue that caused Blood Moon (PvP talent) to remove two magic effects from the original target.


  • Fixed an issue where Solitary Empowerment (Kyrian Skill) was not granting additional mastery through Soul Affinity (Legendary).


  • Fixed an issue where Monks could activate Transcendence: Transfer while being crowd controlled by certain types of effects.

Dungeons and RaidsTimewalking

  • The experience earned by completing dungeons through timewalking has been increased by 50 percent.

Developer Note: A bug was introduced in patch 9.1 that caused Timewalking to give much more experience for completing a dungeon than the UI indicated, and more so the lower the base expansion was. The intent is that all Timewalking weeks provide a comparable experience - we made a quick fix last night and provided the correct fix today. We also took the opportunity to recalibrate and increase the timewalking XP.

Items and RewardsSplinter of

  • The tooltip for the Shards of Domination bonus has been updated to more clearly indicate that the runewords are only active in the Maw or related areas. This is a tooltip change only.

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Solstice has been configured to last 16 days to give players a little more time to complete the many quests. This means that burning blossoms, which usually expire after 14 days, can disappear if they were collected in the first two days of the event and then never spent.
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