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WoW Patch 9.2 release this year? Why little speaks against it!

When the Blizzard developers announced the following update 9. 2 and its contents only a few days after the release of WoW Patch 9.1.5, the players still reacted cautiously. After all, it usually took several months from the announcement to the actual release. And even when the PTR went online just a few weeks later, most still thought of a release sometime next year. If Blizzard would keep the original cycle - that is, the length of time a big patch is tested on the PTR, then we would be with the release somewhere in February 2022. Or is update 9.2 still coming this year?

Now, some of you are probably wondering how the author comes up with the idea that patch 9.2 will be released this year and thus after not even a whole month of PTR. I would like to explain that to you - there are several reasons. And even if I'm wrong, these reasons make me optimistic. Because even if they don't mean a release in 2021 anymore, they have positive implications for the future of WoW.

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer video on the end of eternity

The developers want to step on the gas!

In almost every interview that the developers have given about Patch 9.2, they noted that players should not have to wait so long for new content. They've claimed this many times in the past, but this time there's another reason to believe them. Due to the obvious omission of a patch, additional resources should actually have flowed into 9.2. In addition, Blizzard is currently at a crossroads. The scandal in the summer, the posse around Bobby Kotick and all the internal problems - all this did WoW (buy now ) no good.

Now, however, a different wind is blowing, which should be evident not only in the Sexy Purge and the company's external appearance. If the developers deliver soon and well and thus bring Shadowlands to a worthy conclusion, then soon there will only be excited talk about the upcoming expansion and everything that was will soon be forgotten. I can't imagine the developers taking more time than necessary in light of this.

Zereth Mortis looks unbelievably good and finished

And they don't really have to take much more time either. Because the biggest part of the upcoming patch, namely the Zereth Mortis area is ... well actually it is finished. Of course, that's not 100 percent true yet. But if you compare the current state of Zereth Mortis with previous PTR patches, for example Korthia, the Shadowlands beta or Nazjatar, they didn't feel as finished at the end of the PTR as Zereth Mortis already does.
For the most part, the areas in Zereth Mortis already feel finished. As if they could celebrate their release on the live servers at any time. Source: Blizzard Here and there a daily quest is still missing or there are still a few minor bugs. In some places, more mobs will be added - but not much more is missing. The campaign quests are mostly integrated and work shockingly flawlessly. Even little things like pets that can be fought or the various hidden and open crates are already present. The puzzles, be it annoying mini-games or even Indiana Jones-style puzzles integrated into the environment - everything works downright ridiculously well by blizzard standards.

If the remaining chapters are just as good, then the rest of the PTR is really just about finalizing the balancing - especially the tier sets and the second Legendary. That sounds like a big task, but it doesn't have to take much time. Other features like the Cipher of Firsts need to be tested for functionality, but not for balancing due to the lack of player power.

WoW: Shattered Legacies - ingame cinematic shows Sylvanas' brokenness

Where does it hang now?

Besides balancing and some still missing campaign quests, there are still a few chunks that the developers need to get out of the way before the release of WoW Patch 9.2. The cipher system still needs to be finished testing. This is where very few players have been able to try out the later perks and put them through their paces.

The second would be the look of Zereth Mortis. It looks finished and could be released like this without any problems. However, the area stinks a bit in terms of graphical splendor against the four Pact areas and even against Korthia. The question is whether this is okay, or if the developers still want to work on it. That is quite possible. After all, the other areas didn't look as good as in the release version in earlier test phases.

Raid can wait

The raid still needs to be tested. But the developers have longer time for that, because the release of the raid is only a few weeks after the patch. Source: Blizzard The third big chunk would be the Mausoleum of the First - the new raid of WoW Patch 9.2.

Here, however, it must be said, the developers would have a little more time even with an early release of the patch. Because this time, too, the raid will be opened only after the patch release. The time in between could be increased by one or two weeks if it turned out to be necessary.

So the patch could come quietly before the holidays, so that in the days off, which many of us have, we can leisurely explore the new area and familiarize ourselves with the new systems. Then, in the new year, the raid opens its doors and off we go.
Some smaller things, like the "dance studio" at the dark moon fair would still have to be tested. Source: Blizzard By the way, the balancing of the tier sets also has to be halfway completed on the day of the raid opening, since you can't get the set items before then anyway. And we all know that further adjustments will be made after the first raid week - so it doesn't have to be perfect by the patch release.

Have you played a bit on the PTR and have a similar opinion? Or have you noticed things that will take the developers a lot of time?

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